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Objectives and key results for Q2

Due to market conditions we’ve been focusing on O2: Improve positioning of ShineDAO & O3: Roll out Tokenomics 2.0.

Key achievements:

On track:

Please find an overview here:

Frens Network — consulting arm of ShineDAO

Frens network is the execution and consulting arm of ShineDAO. The frens network comprises of vetted individuals and frens from other well-established projects, and DAO service providers. They support ShineDAO in sourcing and evaluating projects, participate in fundraisings, and offer services and consultations to our clients.

Find more info in the PDF below.

Why join?

How to join?

DM 0xRock#5540.

Grant Applications

We are looking to secure grants that will bring ShineDAO closer to connecting cohorts of innovators with supporters and contributors and building a decentralized future in a trustless multi-chain environment. We are applying for grants from the projects listed below:

Got a grant idea?

You get a 10% grant referral fee!

DM King_Kunta#9877, you will get access to previous applications and support.


We are looking for SWAP candidates: early-stage projects we believe in or projects we are seeking strategic partnerships with.

Why should a project SWAP its tokens with SHN?

Governance enhancement discussion

Please find the discussion here:

Project updates

Kassandra DAO

Tricrypto index is live!

DeFi Options DAO

We are looking for pool operator responsible for:

Do you happen to know someone interested in this role? Please DM King_Kunta#9877.

About ShineDAO

ShineDAO is a self-govern community on a mission to fund and support the most promising Web3 & DeFi innovators.

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ShineDAO is a self-govern community funding and supporting Web3 & DeFi.